A commitment to innovation

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. is a research and development company in the aerospace and energy sectors.

A passion for science and technology

We develop cutting-edge technology for government and private customers.

Government research

Extensive SBIR heritage with NASA, Air Force, Navy, Army, MDA, and NSF.


Designing control systems and estimation solutions for spacecraft.


Developing the PFRC fusion microreactor in collaboration with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Commercial Software

Sharing our technology and expertise with our customers via commercial software solutions.

Power Electronics

Developing solutions for the fusion industry leveraging the newest semiconductor technology and machine learning.


Let us apply our expertise, creativity, and software tools to your tough technical problems.

Design software and consulting

Our comprehensive suite of software and professional services caters to a worldwide clientele, ranging from aerospace primes and government agencies to universities.

Spacecraft Control Toolbox

  • Design, analyze, and simulate spacecraft.
  • Attitude and orbit, control and estimation.
  • Subsystems: link, power, thermal.
  • Experience the ease of algorithm development in MATLAB.
CubeSat in orbit over North America with a magenta field of view cone
Attitude profile visualization from the CubeSat Toolbox
Spacecraft simulation in VisualCommander

Simulation Framework

  • Cross-platform C++ libraries.
  • Matrix and quaternion operations.
  • Simulation and control frameworks.
  • Spacecraft packages

A lot of our mission planning and capabilities evaluation software are built on a foundation of the PSS libraries. It easily saved me over a year of development time.”

Customer, aerospace prime