SCT Launch Vehicle Module

The Launch Vehicle Module, for use with MATLAB®, builds upon both of Princeton Satellite System’s core toolbox products for aircraft and spacecraft: ACT and SCT. The module provides you with a wide range of tools for sizing launch vehicles, finding launch windows, modeling rocket dynamics and simulating launch trajectories from Earth up to orbit. Browse the complete API.

We have used this package to design our two stage to orbit (TSTO) launch vehicle concept, Space Rapid Transit (SRT).


  • Launch window planning.
  • Launch vehicle sizing for early mission concept studies.
  • Orbit insertion trajectory design.
  • Analysis of sub-orbital range and altitude capabilities.
  • Reentry dispersion analysis.

Key Features

The Launch Vehicle Module builds on both ACT and SCT, providing several important features unique to launch vehicles:

  • Multi-stage vehicle point-mass model for boost phase simulations
  • User-interactive GUI for developing direct and indirect launch trajectories.
  • Newtonian aerodynamic model for hypersonic speeds.
  • Non dimensional reentry dynamics model (Shen and Lu, 2007)
  • Models for combined cycle turbojet/ramjet engines


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