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  • PSS Advances in Superconducting Motors for Aircraft

    PSS just finished up a research contract for NASA in which we discovered some surprising and useful ways in which Low Temperature Superconductors (LTS) may be more suitable than High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) for making light, efficient electric motors. In short, they’re cheaper. They’re much, much easier to design, manufacture, and use. Unlike HTS, it’s…

  • Why Use Princeton Satellite Systems’ MATLAB Toolboxes?

    Almost all aerospace organizations have extensive libraries of software for simulation, design and analysis. Why then should they use our MATLAB toolboxes? I’ve been working in the aerospace business since 1979. My experience includes: The Space Shuttle Orbiter Dynamics Analysis The GPS IIR control system design The Inmarsat 3 control system design The GGS Polar…

  • Toolbox Release!

    We will release SCT 11 and ACT 5 this week! New features in SCT include tools for attitude profiling and visualization, libration point orbits and transfers, image analysis functions, brushless DC motor functions, updated Kalman Filters and smoothers, and a new UKF-compatible sensor suite.